GOP Govs to Biden: Drop This Mandate

Republican party

(Patriot.Buzz) – Signaling a strong push against the liberal agenda championed by the Biden-Harris administration, several GOP governors have sent a strong message to Joe Biden about a new mandate.

In a letter addressed to Biden, Republican governors from 16 states criticized the new rule for being “unrealistic, costly and [imposing] prescriptive solutions that harm American consumers.” The administration’s rule orders that two out of every three new cars sold in America must ditch gasoline and transition to a fully electrical setup by 2032.

Currently, electric cars are not highly popular, and only a small percentage of vehicles sold are electric. Car dealerships have stated that they have too many electric cars that people are not interested in buying.

There are a few reasons people might not want electric cars: not enough charging stations across the country, batteries don’t always last very long, and the vehicles can be expensive.

In their letter, the governors said:

“While we are not opposed to the electric vehicle marketplace, we do have concerns with federal government mandates that penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer. The American customer should be able to decide what technology makes most sense for them, not the federal government.”

The governors’ concerns reflect those of manufacturers and auto workers, as drivers might not be ready to switch to electric cars as fast as intended. The industry might have to make fewer electric cars if people refuse or are unable to buy them, even with the government’s new rule.

The governors are also worried about other things: if everyone starts using electric cars too quickly, electricity might have to be redirected from other places. There are also concerns about the United States becoming too dependent on China due to its EV battery monopoly.

The governors who wrote the letter are from Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

The White House has not issued a formal reply to the governors yet.