Governor SOLVES Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

Photo by Paul Teysen on Unsplash

Will Biden take his help or is his ego too big?

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered an amazing solution to solve President Biden’s supply chain crisis by offering to take the ships which are stuck off the coast of California and help fix the “bottleneck” which will likely cause shortages this holiday season.

According to Breitbart, DeSantis warned that these shortages would affect people all over the country and he would use the ports in the state of Florida to help ease the congestion.

“We have capacity at all of our ports,” DeSantis explained. He then discussed how President Biden is planning to make the California ports begin doing 24/7 work and noted how Florida already has their ports working 24/7 so it wouldn’t be an issue for them. He also explained how companies can get good incentives by rerouting their ships to Florida.

“We’ve already had some ships rerouted,” DeSantis explained. He then explained that if ships plan on sitting off the coast of California for several days, they might as well just bring the ships to Florida so they can quickly get unloaded and move on. “We’ve got great logistics on the ground that can get it to market, and we’re happy to be able to step up because there are empty shelves. This is driving inflation. This is going to cause shortages,” DeSantis explained. He then warned that he didn’t want to see Christmas get ruined by these issues.