Hollywood Star Slanders Trump, Supreme Court

(Patriot.Buzz) – Resorting to making up lies to fire up the Democratic base, Hollywood star Kerry Washington slandered former President Donald Trump by saying a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allows him to “order the military to kill a political opponent with zero consequences.”

Taking to her X account to post a video, Washington told her 5.3 million followers that the court had laid down a “blueprint for dictatorship.”

She said, “Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the president is immune from criminal prosecution. So, I’m going to say something right now that may seem extreme to you.”

“But this is not an exaggeration. Please listen to me very carefully. This decision is a blueprint for dictatorship,” she stated emphatically.

“This decision leaves the groundwork for a president to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. And the only thing standing in the way of that happening is you. Your voice, your vote,” she added.

Washington’s interpretation of the ruling extends beyond what the court actually decided.

Chief Justice John Roberts reiterated that the Supreme Court protects a president’s actions only when they are within their “core constitutional powers” and that “presumptive immunity” applies otherwise.

The court did not grant unconditional freedom to commit illegal acts under the guise of presidential authority.

Washington then continued, “So, according to the Supreme Court — the conservative court that was made possible by Trump’s first term in office — according to that court, the president of the United States is now immune from prosecution for actions he takes as a president while in office.”

She continued to misstate the scope of the ruling, suggesting extreme scenarios like the unlawful use of military force against political rivals were now allowed without consequence.

“Well, as my sister from the Bronx Justice Sonia Sotomayor explained — and I’m paraphrasing — but she said that that decision means that Trump could order the military to kill a political opponent with zero consequences.”

This interpretation is incorrect. As reported, such military use would be unconstitutional and commanders would be required to refuse any such illegal orders.

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