Huge Gun Rights Victory

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a groundbreaking development reinvigorating the hopes for a better America, South Carolina has joined the ranks of states adopting permitless firearm carry policies.

Governor Henry McMaster inked the bill into law in a discreet ceremony to make the state part of the 29 others that have embraced similar legislation after Louisiana recently did the same.

This landmark bill was introduced in the state House of Representatives in December 2022 and went through a difficult path of debates within both legislative chambers before coming into fruition.

The law marks a significant shift since it was crafted to allow individuals aged 18 and above, who are not legally barred from possessing firearms, the liberty to carry their guns openly or concealed without the necessity for a permit, training or registration.

This move builds on the 2021 Open Carry legislation that expanded gun owners’ freedoms beyond the previously mandated concealed weapons permit (CWP) prerequisites.

Representative Bobby Cox of Greenville, a key figure in the bill’s journey and an executive at the firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer, emphasized the law’s provision that permits carrying for those legally entitled to own firearms.

Cox played a central role in steering the bill through the legislative process, particularly during the critical joint committee session before the bill’s final approval.

While the law broadens the scope for carrying firearms it outlines specific areas where carrying remains prohibited including hospitals, educational institutions, government buildings and other designated spaces.

Nonetheless certain venues like churches and doctor’s offices have the discretion to permit firearms on their premises, and businesses can opt to declare themselves gun-free zones.

Amid legislative discussions the emphasis on gun owner responsibility and training was vital. Although Senator Luke Rankin of Horry advocated for gun training and highlighted its importance for safety and responsibility, he ultimately voted against the bill.

The legislation introduces a provision for free, state-funded CWP training to foster responsible gun ownership, an initiative included in the final bill as a nod to concerns raised during Senate deliberations.

With the law coming into play following Governor McMaster’s signature, South Carolina aligns itself with the growing list of states adopting constitutional carry policies and reaffirms the right of gun ownership within the United States.

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