Insane Democrats To Tear Down Mount Rushmore?

Photo by Jéan Béller on Unsplash

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has criticized Target after it got involved in the efforts to bring down Mount Rushmore. In an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Noem responded to the comments about the site being referred to as a “symbol of White supremacy” by an activist organization that has received some funding from Target.

In her statement, she noted that Target was tearing apart this country and that it was time for serious discussions to be had about protecting freedom. Fox News Digital specifically revealed that Target and its non-profit foundation have funded an organization that is pushing for certain U.S. sovereign lands, including Mount Rushmore to be given away. The reasoning behind the demand to have the landmark shut down is that it is a “symbol of White supremacy” and that the group is looking for the U.S. military to be demilitarized.

The same group is also a big supporter of the destruction of Israel’s Jewish character and has called for the land to be returned to the Palestinians. They proceeded to launch an economic warfare tactic against the Jewish state which would include economic sanctions and boycotts.

This is also reflected on the Target Foundation’s web page where it is noted that they had previously provided funding to the NDV Collective in 2022, a South Dakota-based nonprofit with a revenue stream that had reached as much as $50 M.

Noem attacked the organization claiming that Mount Rushmore was an integral institution that showcases what American stands for.