Kicked Off Flight WHY??

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a new display of liberal madness, a woman from Texas, her baby and her mother family were unexpectedly kicked off a flight for misgendering a flight attendant.

Austin-based women’s health and hormone expert Jenna Longoria was boarding a plane at San Francisco International Airport when she misidentified a flight attendant’s gender.

“When [the flight attendant], who identifies as a woman, gave me our boarding passes, I said, ‘Thank you, sir.’ That is it. That is it,” Longoria said. She noted that this error was the start of the trouble.

The situation intensified when Longoria mentioned to another flight attendant that “he” (the first attendant, whom she mistakenly referred to with male pronouns) was holding back her mother at the gate.

“He said, ‘”He”?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’ He then said, ‘She’s wearing a dress,’” Longoria recounted.

Amid the confusion, Longoria emphasized, “My son is in my hand crying, I’m trying to get on the plane. As a mother, my prerogative is to get my son safely on the plane and not what the pronouns that someone goes by.”

Despite her explanations, Longoria and her family were not allowed to board and their flight left with their luggage and medications.

United Airlines responded by stating that the family was prevented from boarding due to issues regarding carry-on items—a claim Longoria firmly denied as “an absolute lie.”

Longoria took to social media to share her ordeal, posting a video conversation with a United official named Gabriella, who explained that the decision stemmed from a verbal altercation and was ultimately the captain’s decision.

“I need you to know that because of this verbal altercation that you had with my staff, you got yourself put off this craft,” Gabriella told Longoria.

The United official mentioned overhearing derogatory comments related to transgender issues, which Longoria disputes. She was also informed that the family might face a ban from flying United in the future.

Reflecting on the event, Longoria underscored the exchange was calm and noted the lack of any commotion that could have alerted other passengers.

Ultimately, left stranded at the airport, Longoria and her mother secured tickets on an American Airlines flight to return to Austin.

Longoria noted that she has not received an apology or compensation for the additional tickets purchased.

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