Law Prof Trashed Founding Fathers – BOMBSHELL VIDEO

(Patriot.Buzz) – Breaking away from conventional legal teaching, an Indiana University Law professor recently trashed constitutional originalism, which seeks to adhere to the original understanding of the U.S. Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote it.

Watch the video below.

Frank Emmert, recognized for his expertise in the European Union, international trade, and the World Trade Organization, criticized the relevance of the Founding Fathers’ intentions in contemporary constitutional law.

In a video Ilya Shapiro of the Manhattan Institute shared, Emmert argued against sticking to historical context over the evolution of constitutional interpretation.

He labeled originalism as “ludicrously stupid,” claiming that the perspectives of people from 250 years ago, whom he describes as racist and misogynistic, should not influence modern legal standards. For example, he highlighted the absence of women’s rights during the Founding Era as a reason why he hates originalism.

The professor’s criticism goes beyond simple disagreement with a legal interpretation method: it advocates for societal progressivism and inclusivity. Emmert urged his students to embrace a legal philosophy that supports societal evolution.

He asserted the importance of inclusivity, environmental protection, and the recognition of gender identities. He claims that the role of future lawyers should be to contribute to a more liberal society rather than to delay progress.

Emmert’s academic background is rooted in international law, with degrees from the University of Munich and the University of Michigan. His professional narrative is allegedly based on the significance of international law and the benefits of learning from global legal practices.

He claims his vision is reflected in his educational philosophy, which champions adapting legal standards to reflect contemporary values and lessons from liberal international counterparts.

The professor’s personal views, as seen in his X (formerly known as Twitter) page, align with his academic stance, showcasing a preference for a progressive ideology while posting anti-conservative and anti-Republican content.

Emmert’s sharp criticism of constitutional originalism and his call for a more liberal legal education underscores the elitist universities’ push to politicize students over providing a balanced, unbiased education.