Lib Gov to Biden: ‘Use All Options’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Although she and other liberal governors were happy at first with the unmanageable influx of illegals, Democratic Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has taken action to address the crisis now that her state is on the brink of collapse.

Healey ordered state-operated shelters to implement duration restrictions for the stay of migrants and the homeless as the state is nearing its shelter capacity limits.

According to Politico, this policy introduces a system requiring homeless families and migrants to reapply each month for their accommodation at shelters, including the soon-to-be-involved former Chelsea Soldiers Home starting May 1.

These steps are taken to manage the growing overflow issues, which prompted the state’s Democratic House Speaker Ron Mariano to emphasize the need of such constraints to sustain the shelter program during a joint press briefing with Healey and Democratic Senate President Karen Spilka.

Legislators in the state House and Senate are discussing a supplementary budget and alterations to the emergency shelter initiative, and negotiators for both chambers are expected to be selected.

In October 2023, Healey established a cap of 7,500 for the number of homeless and migrant families allowed within the shelters. By the following month, waitlists started to form due to the cap, as reported by PBS.

The influx of illegals seeking shelter has been notable, with over 2,000 registrations from December 2023 to March 2024, as Dr. Geralde Gabeau, executive director of the Immigrant Family Services Institute, told CBS News regarding the nonstop arrivals at the state’s shelters.

Massachusetts stands unique in the U.S. for upholding a right-to-shelter law since 1983, a statute ensuring shelter as a right, with eight sanctuary cities across the state including Boston and Springfield.

The strain on the state’s shelter system comes amid larger discussions on migrant transportation to Democratic-led states by Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas in response to Joe Biden’s open border and lax immigration policies.

In the face of these challenges Governor Healey has called for federal help, saying, “I just continue to press for action by the federal government — by Congress — and for President Biden to use all options that he’s got on the table” to address the migrant crisis.

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