Lib Mayor’s Mindblowing Crime Policies Exposed

(Patriot.Buzz) – Doubling down on the soft-on-crime progressive agenda, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has recently pushed for eliminating the city’s gang registry and argued that crimes like theft should not be prosecuted.

Before her election as mayor, Wu completed the “2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire” from Progressive Massachusetts, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing progressive agendas in the state.

In this questionnaire, Wu declared her support for allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections and endorsed getting rid of the Boston Police gang database by directly responding “Yes” to a question on the matter.

She also supported a controversial policy by former Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who believes that over a dozen charges including shoplifting, larceny and minor drug offenses should not be prosecuted.

Rollins, who later joined the Biden administration, resigned following an ethics investigation that criticized her conduct as “egregious.”

When Progressive Mass asked Wu if she supported the “do-not-prosecute” list for such low-level offenses, Wu said “Yes.”

Wu has also indicated she wants to reallocate police funding to other city needs and supports demilitarizing the police, opposing the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and attack dogs by law enforcement.

In terms of issues of racism within the Boston Police Department, Wu claimed there were white supremacist sympathies among officers.

She advocated “terminating” any police department employees “involved with the January 6th Capitol insurrection.”

Moreover, Wu seeks to make police officers’ use-of-force and misconduct records available to the public despite concerns that this could endanger officers.

Wu’s administration has been criticized for reportedly compiling a list of her major critics and sharing it with local authorities, a move some have likened to “Nixonian tactics.” This action led to concerns about whether her administration was trying to silence dissent.

Upon taking office, Wu focused on establishing departments dedicated to Food Justice, Black Male Advancement, LGBTQ+ Advancement and Worker Empowerment to allegedly foster a more equitable city.

However, Wu faced backlash for hosting a holiday party exclusive to non-White city council members, a move that sparked complaints of exclusion to the state’s attorney general.

After an erroneous email invitation was sent to all council members, her aide quickly apologized for any confusion but did not withdraw the event’s exclusivity.

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