Liberal Media ERUPTS On Republican Party

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

They are furious.

Recently on MSNBC, anchor Nicolle Wallace snapped on the Republican Party and accused them of “systematically and cold-bloodedly killing” the voting process in America by doing everything in their power to prevent more Americans from voting by leveraging election laws.

According to Breitbart, Wallace showed resentment about Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin winning the Virginia gubernatorial election and slammed the GOP as a whole. Wallace then shifted her focus to that state of Texas and how they are being sued over violations regarding voting access and voting restrictions.

Contributor Neal Katyal then criticized the President Biden’s Department of Justice by saying that while they are trying to fix the issues, they simply aren’t doing enough to stop the Republican attack on voting rights.

Wallace responded, “Listen, just watching and feeling some empathy with Speaker Pelosi as she tries to sort of herd cats and bring her whole caucus along, there will never be another infrastructure bill, hard infrastructure or human infrastructure if they don’t protect the right for everyone to vote. Republicans are systematically and cold-bloodedly killing access to the polls.