Liberal Media Throws Biden And Democrats Under The Bus

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

In a recent statement, NBC’s Chuck Todd acknowledged that Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas may have had a point when he suggested that transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities might prompt these leaders to urge the Biden administration to address border control.

On a “Meet the Press” preview, Todd touched upon the escalating humanitarian challenge in New York City as the city struggles with a surge of migrants, placing strain on city resources and shelters. As he commented, visuals showed migrants in the streets of New York alongside a visibly concerned Mayor Eric Adams.

Todd remarked on the situation, pointing out that perhaps Abbott’s prediction about blue cities expressing their frustration with the federal government had come true.

Earlier, Mayor Adams had called for more proactive measures from the federal level, cautioning that the sustained influx of migrants could have severe implications for the city. He highlighted that the city is already grappling with the arrival of approximately 100,000 asylum seekers within the past year, a situation that could lead to expenses exceeding $12 billion by 2025. Emphasizing the city’s dire situation, Adams sought further aid from both state and national governments.

This comes on the heels of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey’s emergency declaration in response to a significant uptick in migrants, which has burdened social services and led her to request federal support.

Both New York State and Chicago, although distant from the southern border, have declared emergencies this year due to the migrant influx. Texas, in its approach, has continued to facilitate the movement of migrants to sanctuary cities, including locations like Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Governor Abbott remains firm in his stance, stating that this measure will persist until there’s a resolution at the border.

While Democratic leaders and the Biden administration view this relocation approach as political posturing, Republicans such as Abbott argue it’s a way to equitably distribute the migrant challenge and compel Democratic leaders and the administration to recognize the severity of the border situation.

Commending Abbott’s strategy, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., lauded it as one of the most astute decisions taken by a state leader in recent years.