Liberals Rage After Joe Rogan Defends THIS

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

The left has taken a strange turn.

In a recent broadcast of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan defended Chris Pratt, saying that people only hated the A-list actor because of his religious convictions.

Rogan’s remarks follow an announcement that Pratt would play Mario in the yet-to-be-released animated film based on the Nintendo video game series, “Super Mario Brothers.”

In November, Chris Melendandri, a co-producer of the film, defended the Guardians of the Galaxy actor against casting criticism, saying that the voice Pratt was doing for Mario was phenomenal, adding that he couldn’t wait for people to hear it.

Melendandri said, when queried if he understood that Pratt voicing a traditionally Italian character could be offensive, he replied that as an Italian American, he understood. But he added that Charlie Day, who had Italian heritage and was voicing Luigi, was the nod to Italian American heritage.

The producer also said that he didn’t believe people would be canceling the film when it was released.

Referencing the most recent backlash Pratt was facing, Joe Rogan said Pratt only got into trouble because he is a Christian. The podcaster added that Pratt was “the nicest f***ing guy” he had met. Before going on to say that the only people criticizing Pratt were “insane people that hate their jobs,” adding that when their boss wasn’t looking, they were “tweeting bad things about Chris Pratt.”

Rogan also said that the treatment of Pratt on social media was nothing more than a “bully pile-on,” saying that people see someone being vulnerable and decide to attack them since they aren’t in front of them.

He went on to recall a time he and Pratt were hunting in Utah, saying the actor was nice to everyone, stating Pratt was a “super kind, super normal guy.”

Because of this, Rogan believed the only reason people were upset with Pratt was that he openly practiced his Christian faith that was outside the lines.