Liberals Threaten Life of Donald and Barron Trump

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

A Chicago-based woman has been taken into custody for allegedly making violent statements directed at ex-President Donald Trump and his son, Barron Trump, as detailed in a New York Post article.

On two occasions in May and June, Tracy Fiorenza, 41, sent alarming emails to the principal of Barron’s school in Palm Beach County, hinting at potential harm to the father-son duo. Her first court appearance took place at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse, and she’s potentially facing a sentence of up to five years if found guilty.

Recent times have witnessed an unsettling rise in threats against well-known public figures. This week alone, an elderly Utah man, aged 74, who expressed threats against the current President, Joe Biden, was fatally confronted by the FBI. Another individual from Texas, 52 years old, has been given a prison term for posing threats to election staff in Arizona. In a separate incident, legal action was taken against a Michigan woman, aged 56, for illicitly procuring weapons for her son with a history of mental challenges. He had previously vocalized threats against both President Biden and the governor of Michigan.