Look Who Just Offered Rittenhouse A Job

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This was surprising!

In a surprising turn of events, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz just admitted that he was willing to give Kyle Rittenhouse a job as a congressional intern for him after his trial ends, which will be soon.

During a recent interview with Newsmax, Rep. Gaetz thanks Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield for his advocacy of Kyle Rittenhouse. He then firmly claimed that believe that Rittenhouse was not guilty. Gaetz claimed that Rittenhouse did not deserve a guilty verdict in the slightest and he sincerely hoped that he will be given his full freedom.

Gaetz then said that he believes Rittenhouse would probably make a “pretty good” congressional intern. He then said that his team may be reaching out to Rittenhouse in the near future to see if he would be open to helping the country in more ways.

Currently, the jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is still in deliberations to decide Rittenhouse’s faith after he shot three people with and AR-style rifle which resulted in two deaths in August 2020 at the height of a Black Lives Matter protest which turned into a riot after police killed an unarmed black man.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers have claimed he acting 100% in self defense and have made a pretty good case of self defense to the jury.

After Gaetz discussed the possibility of giving Rittenhouse a job, Newxmax’s Stinchfield joked and said, “Maybe we’ll have to fight for him. I want him here at Newsmax. Maybe he can be a Stinchfield intern too.”