Major Business In Full Blown Panic Over This

Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

The Target corporation has forced some Target stores in the South to remove LGBTQ Pride products from their stores after customers expressed “outrage” to avoid the Bud Light situation.

Many of the store’s locations around the country host massive June Pride displays every year, and this year there are a variety of transgender swimsuits that have been branded “tuck friendly” and mugs that say “gender fluid.”

But some conservatives have criticized the retail giant for its displays, and the children’s products irritate many customers.

According to reporting by Fox News citing a Target insider, many locations, mostly in the rural South, have removed Pride displays to avoid the kind of backlash that Bud Light has faced recently after using a transgender influencer in an ad campaign.

The Target insider relayed that “emergency” calls were made Friday (May 19) and that some area managers and senior executives were ordered to immediately take down all Pride displays.

The insider revealed stores were given “36 hours” to take all the Pride merchandise and move it into a section one-third the size. The insider also relayed how stores were told to move merchandise from the front of the store to the back, adding that stores couldn’t “have anything on mannequins and no large signage.”

The insider further revealed that the customers, which the store refers to as “guests,” have expressed “outrage” that is “exponentially more than any other year.”

According to the insider, who has worked for the company for two decades, the Bud Light situation had made the company “terrified,” and it has never made decisions as “hasty” as it has in the one relayed in Friday’s call.