Mass Shooter DEAD, Good Guys Win

Photo by Richard Bell on Unsplash

The authorities have successfully concluded the search for the suspect linked to a quadruple homicide in Henry County that occurred last Saturday.

Forty-year-old Andre Longmore, who had been evading arrest after allegedly taking the lives of three men and a woman in a residential area in Hampton, met his end on Sunday. In the course of the pursuit, law enforcement confirmed, he was fatally injured.

Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett of Henry County, in a media briefing on Sunday, recounted the events that led to an armed confrontation between the officers and Longmore at the intersection of Highway 138 and Mt. Zion Parkway. The suspect fled following the encounter, but during a subsequent engagement, he was killed in a gunfire exchange.

Scandrett offered some comfort to the people of Hampton, Henry County, the broader Atlanta region, and the entirety of Georgia, stating that the removal of this threat had made their communities safer.

In the course of the operation, three law enforcement officers were injured, including a deputy from Henry County who was airlifted to a medical facility after being shot in the back.

While the specific circumstances leading to the initial shooting remain unclear, authorities have said the incident took place along Dogwood Lakes Drive in Hampton on Saturday morning. Witnesses have reported hearing gunfire and spotting a man dressed in black, who they later identified as Longmore.

The victims of the tragic incident have been named as Scott Leavitt, 67, Shirley Leavitt, 66, Ronald Jeffers, 66, and Steve Blizzard, 65. All of them were residents of Dogwood Lakes Drive.

According to descriptions, Longmore was of average height, wore long gray pants and a dark shirt with a hint of red, and was armed with a black handgun. It was also revealed that he was a Hampton resident.

The investigation is being led by the Hampton Police Department, with support from several Henry County departments. A $10,000 reward was previously offered for information leading to Longmore’s arrest.