Measles Outbreak Linked to Illegals

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting another threat brought about by Joe Biden’s open border policies, a new CDC report links 84% of a severe measles outbreak’s fatal cases in a Chicago migrant center to Venezuelan illegals.

The outbreak involved 57 confirmed cases originating from a one-year-old boy who had received just one of the two recommended measles vaccines.

The CDC highlights that 72% of those affected were unvaccinated. The facility was overcrowded with 500 illegals in a single room, which caused the disease’s rapid spread.

The initial patient had been in the U.S. for less than five months and showed symptoms shortly after receiving his first MMR vaccine dose. He was hospitalized on February 27 and had no recent travel or known measles exposure before his symptoms.

The Chicago Department of Public Health was alerted a few days after the boy was hospitalized and quickly organized a vaccination event at the shelter to contain the outbreak.

Measles’ highly contagious nature forced health officials to assume that anyone in the shelter during the boy’s infectious period was at risk.

From late February to mid-May, the outbreak resulted in 57 measles cases mainly among Venezuelan illegals. The median age of those infected was three years old.

Other cases included illegals from Peru, Ecuador, Chile and one from an unidentified country.

Since August 2022, Chicago has welcomed approximately 41,000 migrants, with 88% coming from Venezuela where vaccination rates have been declining.

Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city means that individuals can access city services without disclosing their immigration status and officials do not ask about legal residency.

At the Pilsen center, where the outbreak occurred, the population was split almost evenly between men and women. Most cases were in children under four and adults between 20 and 49.

The shelter, the largest in Chicago, housed around 2,100 people in late February. The crowded and unsanitary conditions at migrant shelters have been blamed for the spread of diseases, including this measles outbreak.

The U.S. declared measles eliminated in 2000 but has seen its elimination status threatened by outbreaks among under-vaccinated communities, notably in 2019 in New York.

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