Media Caught Censoring Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Following the decision by DirecTV to remove Newsmax from their offering, former President Donald Trump is calling for CNN and MSNBC to be Removed.

Taking to Truth Social on Thursday (January 26) evening, Trump urged DirecTV and AT&T — who owns a 70 percent stake in DirecTV — to reverse the decision on Newsmax and instead choose to drop two channels he described as “fake news.”

Trump asserted AT&T and DirecTV should drop CNN and MSNBC, the latter of which he called “MSNDC.”

The former President insulted the channels, claiming their “Ratings are so pathetically bad” that should be associated with these channels should be embarrassed.

Trump then claimed the GOP “DEMANDS” Newsmax and OAN reinstated.

OAN, another right-leaning channel, was dropped by DirecTV last year.

In a second post, Trump claimed that DirecTV was “doing really badly” and asserted AT&T was “doing even worse” in a post that was entirely capitalized. He then noted that both firms should “BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR DROPPING NEWSMAX AND OAN,” calling on his supporters to “DROP THEM.”

Trump continued his attack on DirecTV on Thursday evening, sharing a CNN article that reported on DirecTV beginning to lay off his managerial staff.

In the third post, he again called for a boycott of DirecTV and AT&T, asserting that “If DirecTV has really cut Newsmax,” which he insisted was “doing well in the ratings,” he would cut DirecTV and its parent company AT&T.

In addition to his assertion he’d boycott both companies, Trump shared a link to an article that discusses dropping ratings on CNN.