Missing Woman Rescued After 7 Years

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a sudden turn of events putting an end to an innocent person’s traumatic ordeal, a woman who vanished in 2017 was discovered inside a motel room in Michigan.

The woman managed to ask for help after being able to reach out to her stepmother and reveal she was confined against her will.

State Police shared this unfolding on X, highlighting the woman’s desperate call for help led them to the Evergreen Motel in Inkster. Upon arrival, officers were met with her distressing screams and cries, which prompted them to use force to enter the room to find her alone.

Following her rescue, she was swiftly taken to Beaumont Dearborn for both medical attention and a thorough debrief with detectives. The reunion with her family marked the beginning of her recovery journey alongside counseling support.

A subsequent examination of the motel room unveiled narcotics, a mobile device and a firearm. Although a suspect has been pinpointed, the individual remains at large.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw conveyed the complexity of the situation to WXYZ, indicating the need to discern the nature of her confinement, saying, “We’ll kind of look at what’s next, right… interview her if a crime did take place such as human trafficking or is it a domestic violence situation or is it different.”

Shaw articulated a cautious approach when defining the situation, stating, “I don’t want to use the word kidnapping like somebody grabbed her and took her to that place. It may have started out as a relationship that turns into being held against your will and being trafficked.”

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