Nations Fearful Of Biden’s Decisions

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Biden is a mad man.

Foreign Minister of Honduras Eduardo Enrique Reina warned that the end of Title 42 could lead to a surge in migration to the U.S.

Speaking to Fox News, Reina mentioned the recent discussions he had with Biden administration officials about topics like tackling corruption, migration, and the Southern border. Given the concern surrounding the ending of Title 42, Fox News queried whether ending Title 42 could lead to mass emigration to the United States.

In response, Reina noted that “It will be possible,” acknowledging the “worries” of Americans but conceding that ultimately “the U.S. has to decide.”

Honduras migrants could be among the most affected by the end of Title 42, as data revealed that 14 percent of migrants expelled through Title 42 originated from Honduras. CBP data also showed that 100,000 Honduras migrants had been encountered since the beginning of the Fiscal Year.

President Joe Biden announced plans to end Title 42 on May 23, plans that were halted after a Federal Judge in Louisianna blocked the move.

Reina also highlighted that despite the U.S. having to “decide,” Honduras would need to “work with the Biden administration in order to provide some alternative to develop this possibility of all economic growth in Honduras.”