New Presidential Debate RULES Spark Controversy

(Patriot.Buzz) – Confirming Americans cannot trust the lamestream media, CNN is sparking controversy with its new rules for the June 27 presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

These rules were established after Trump said he was willing to debate “anywhere, anytime, anyplace,” which led to negotiations that ended in an agreement for two tightly controlled debates.

The Biden campaign, which agreed to the debates in May, demanded there be no audience present and selected CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators, with Tapper known for his critical stance towards Trump.

Key rules set by CNN for the debate include:

  • Two commercial breaks, which are seen as potentially beneficial to Biden.
  • During breaks, candidates cannot interact with their campaign staff.
  • The debate will forego opening statements but will allow two-minute closing statements.
  • Each candidate will have two minutes to respond to questions and one minute for rebuttals.
  • Microphone muting will be enforced except for the candidate who is speaking.

The debate format dictates that both candidates will stand at identical podiums and their position will be decided with a coin flip.

No props or pre-written notes are allowed, but each candidate will be provided with a pen, paper and water.

This debate format marks a notable departure from traditional setups given the lack of an audience and strict mic control.

CNN has emphasized that the moderators will actively manage timing and maintain decorum throughout.

In preparation for the debate, Biden plans to spend a week gearing up to face Trump, who has suggested that Biden should undergo a drug test before the debates.

The White House has neither confirmed nor denied plans to use any performance-enhancing substances.

The debate preparations and Biden’s readiness have been scrutinized amid broader concerns about his mental and physical fitness.

Recent polls indicate significant public concern about his capability to serve another term, with a Harvard/Harris survey highlighting doubts among a third of Democrats regarding his cognitive abilities.

Despite these concerns, Biden has declined to participate in more than two debates. After the June event, the candidates will meet again for a second debate in September.

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