New Republican Looking To Take White House

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Former Vice President Mike Pence will likely announce his entry into the GOP Presidential primary next week, according to a source familiar with his plans.

Reporting by The Hill, citing a source, said that Pence’s team is finalizing plans to launch his White House campaign and join the expanding GOP primary with a preview video announcement and speech confirming his candidacy.

The former vice president is expected to focus mostly on Iowa, where the first caucus of the GOP primary calendar is taking place.

Pence will attend a CNN town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, on June 7, an event one outlet is describing as a “Presidential Town Hall.”

June 7 is also the former Vice President’s 64th birthday.

NBC News and CNN reported that Pence will make his campaign official on June 7.

Originally, the former vice president was also scheduled to speak to delegates of the Convention of the Republican Party in Georgia at the June 9 event.

But the event’s organizers revealed to attendees on Wednesday that Pence had to cancel because of a “televised town hall at which he will be making an announcement regarding his future plans,” in a message that The Atlanta Journal Constitution first reported on.

In a recent interview on Fox Business Network with Larry Kudlow, Pence revealed that he continued to talk to people around the country, who were giving him plenty of “encouragement.”

“But look, I think this country is in a lot of trouble,” Pence added, saying everyone who could make a “difference have a responsibility to reflect on what role we might play.”