Pelosi’s Shameless Act

Image credit: KQED

Why can’t Pelosi stop harassing Trump?

During her recent visit to the COP26 conference which aims to solve issues regarding climate change, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the United States is achieving climate success in “collaboration, not … condescension” with other world leaders.

Speaker Pelosi then shifted her focus on former President Donald Trump and claimed that other nations were ahead of the United States because ex-President Donald Trump created a “dark period” in America where nothing important was getting accomplished.

According to Newsmax, “America is back,” Pelosi declared.

“Our president was here, there were many successes that were achieved in collaboration – not dictation or condescension, but in collaboration – with other countries, many of whom are ahead of us because we had, of course, the dark period of four years preceding the President Biden’s administration coming into office,” pelosi said.