PROOF: Biden Has Media In His Pocket

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

The media landscape today seems unfazed by the interplay between purportedly neutral journalism and political affiliations. It almost feels as though having a political background is a merit, not a detriment.

NBC News recently shared that their legal analyst, Laura Jarrett, will now co-anchor their Saturday “Today” program. Notably, Laura is Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, a significant aide to the Obamas during their White House years and currently an advisor to the Obama Foundation.

Furthermore, Laura is related by marriage to Bas Balkissoon, an ex-member of Canada’s Liberal Party. Laura started her journey in mainstream journalism with CNN in 2016, switching to NBC earlier this year. She has been a familiar face on “Today” and “NBC Nightly News,” often discussing the controversies surrounding Trump.

Laura steps in for Kristen Welker on Saturdays as Welker transitions to Sundays to lead “Meet the Press.” Welker has political affiliations too; she is a registered Democrat, and her parents, Julie and Harvey Welker, have been significant contributors to the Democratic Party, notably Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton.

Chuck Todd, the present face of “Meet the Press,” has connections to Tim Russert, a former aide to Democratic figures like Mario Cuomo and Daniel Moynihan. Todd’s own early years saw him involved in the Democratic campaign trail. His spouse, Kristian Denny Todd, specializes in fundraising and strategizing for Democratic contenders, with Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign being one of her firm’s clients.

MSNBC seems to be welcoming a slew of individuals associated with Biden and Harris. Ex-White House spokesperson Jen Psaki and Kamala Harris’ ex-aide Symone Sanders both have shows, with Alicia Menendez, Senator Robert Menendez’s daughter, hosting on weekends. It’s also noteworthy to mention Rev. Al Sharpton’s continued presence on the network.

In a parallel move, CNN recently recruited Kate Bedingfield, formerly with Biden’s communication team, and Jamal Simmons, previously with Harris’ team. Both hires come amidst a time when Bedingfield was anticipated to be consulting for Biden’s upcoming campaign.

While there’s a pattern of politicians transitioning to media roles post their tenure, like Dana Perino and Kayleigh McEnany with Fox News, the influx of those associated with the current Biden-Harris administration seems unique. The presence of these individuals, still close to their political ties, raises questions about impartiality in reporting.

The core issue becomes discerning if there’s any distinction between those from a pure journalistic background and those transitioning from political roles. The lines seem increasingly blurred.