Republican Governor Attacked Following Victory

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

This is just disgusting.

Shortly after it was announced that Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin (R) won the election against Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe, CNN’s Van Jones attempted to smear Youngkin and claimed that he was the “Delta variant of Trumpism.”

According to Breitbart, Jones who appeared upset that Youngkin won, noting the importance of this election. He then said we have, as a country, seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism. He then referred to Gov. Youngkin as a disease that will spread a lot faster than Trump’s presidency.

Jones was then asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if he believes Youngkin is more dangerous than Trump.

Jones responded, “No, no. Easier to spread.” He then said Youngkin’s ideology is more easy to spread because was “playing footsie” with Trumpism. He then slammed Youngkin for defending parents who were upset about what their kids were being taught in school. Jones condemned Youngkin for speaking out against Critical Race Theory and claimed he was spreading “anti-Black posture.”

“I think his is a big deal, because if this is a pathway because if you can flirt with Trumpism, flirt with Trump and still win in the suburbs, that is a new development for us,” Jones finished.