Republican Lawmakers Under Attack

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

Two Montana state legislators received letters containing white powder, joining lawmakers in other states who have also received similar letters.

On Friday (June 23), Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R) shared on Twitter that he had been informed of Montana lawmakers receiving anonymous, threatening letters. These letters also contain a white powdery substance.

In the tweet, the Governor revealed that the state would “bring to bear whatever resources are needed to support law enforcement officers as they investigate.”

According to the state Senate Republicans, two legislators received a letter containing an unknown substance, but thankfully both are safe. Law enforcement officials will be testing the substance.

Taking to Facebook, State Attorney General Austin Knudsen shared that his mother, state Rep. Rhoda Knudsen (R), was one of the legislators who received the letter at her home address.

Knudsen explained that “The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office” was on the “scene and collecting the evidence for testing.”

Knudsen then urged people to “PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS about opening your mail,” sharing, “If you receive a suspicious package, contact law enforcement immediately.”

According to a report by a Montana ABC-Fox affiliate, a letter was sent to the state House majority whip, Republican Representative Neil Duram.

Lawmakers in Kansas and Tennessee recently received letters containing white powder.

Last weekend, over 70 letters were sent to Kansas state officials. On Thursday (June 22), some Republican lawmakers from Tennessee also received letters, which caused a floor on the legislative office building to lock down.

Lawmakers in Kansas expressed concern that the letters they received may have been targeted and were possibly intended to intimidate the legislature.