Republican Reveals Insight Over Democrat Infighting

Image credit: WFAE

During a recent interview with Fox News, Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) confessed that he noticed many Democrats were “ashen” after the vote to pass President Biden’s infrastructure plan failed due to too much conflict within the Democratic party.

This could spell trouble down the line for Biden and the Democratic Party in general if they cannot reach a compromise between the Moderates and Progressives.

According to Fox, Budd stated, “Well, what we are seeing is the socialists are really showing Nancy Pelosi, who is boss. I mean, they are acutely arguing right now about how much of the government they want to run America’s lives, this has nothing to do with real infrastructure. What we say in the failed $1.2 trillion bill, it never even came to a vote thus making Nancy Pelosi fail to keep her promise to the moderates. She didn’t even keep her promise to them, So, I mean, this is just total disarray. I was talking with Democrats in the elevator yesterday in Washington, and they were ashen. I mean, they were stunned at Joe Biden coming in there and taking their own bill.”

Budd continued, “This has nothing to do with real infrastructure, but it’s simply a Trojan horse to get them to the 3.5 trillion, and now they can’t even come to grips on what order they want to do that in.”

Adding, “Most Americans really want true roads and bridges and I would add to that, rural broad band especially when so many had to work from home during COVID, but this is not real infrastructure. This is only 10% of the 1.2 trillion, about 110 billion dollars in real roads and bridges, and this is 1.2 trillion, so why call it infrastructure when 90% of it is not actual roads and bridges?”

Image credit: WFAE