Republican Unleashes On Biden

Michael Vadon, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Is he right?

After recent reports that the nation has recorded the highest inflation levels in 39 years, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted President Joe Biden.

On Friday (December 10th), Cotton tweeted about the nation reaching the highest level of inflation “in more than a generation,” adding that “President Biden’s economy is crushing working-class Americans.”

Cotton went into further detail in a scathing statement drawing attention to Biden’s “lies” to Americans.

In the statement, Cotton mentioned that Biden had promised not to raise taxes on middle and working-class Americans but said the President lied since he “allowed the cruelest tax of all, inflation, to skyrocket.”

The statement was also critical of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, directing the blame at the Biden administration’s trillion-dollar “spending binges” and his appointment of “an inexperienced and absentee Transportation Secretary.” Cotton said Buttigieg had mangled supply chains while adding that Buttigieg’s anti-energy policies were responsible for driving up gas prices.

In October, Politico reported that Buttigieg took two months of parental leave after adopting twin daughters with his husband, Chasten. The news outlet revealed that for the first four weeks of his parental leave, Buttigieg was offline with the exception of major agencies and to attend to matters he could not delegate. However, the report mentioned that he was ramping up activities following those activities while adding that he would take time to support his husband and care for his new children.

At the end of his statement, Cotton called for Biden to “reverse course, apologize for his undeniable and unforced failures, and end his extreme agenda.”

These remarks come after a report from the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index was released. The report shows that prices increased by 6.8% in November, higher than October’s rate of 6.2%.

This surge means that prices are already 14% higher than a year ago, and the country is facing the highest inflation in 39 years.

The day before the report was released, Biden had stated, “Together, we’re going to build a better America. In a tweet from last week, the President also mentioned that America was on the move again, although his statistics excluded rising inflation.

Although he claimed to build back better, most of Biden’s plans revolve around passing a $1.8 trillion infrastructure bill in November after already spending $3.5 trillion previously. The House also passed a $1.8 billion bill in new spending. This spending places taxpayers at risk of footing higher costs.