RNC Wants Trump Arrested?

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

In an interview published by Politico on Sunday (December 11), the former chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Michael Steele, revealed some in the GOP secretly hoped former President Donald Trump would be arrested by 2024 so the GOP could move on.

Steele’s remarks come as the former President is facing growing criticism from his fellow Republicans, including many of his allies after his endorsed candidates failed during the midterm elections.

Trump is also losing favor among Republican voters as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis overtakes him as a frontrunner in recent polling.

Steele was asked what would be the “difference” to the 2024 Presidential race given the RNC “was shaped so much by Trump.”

In response, Steele revealed that some in the RNC were “privately wishing and hoping” for the former President to be “sitting in a holding cell” by 2024.

The former RNC chair explained that those secret wishes exposed anxiety about Trump’s ability to influence the “political landscape” between now and the 2024 Presidential election.

Steele also compared Trump’s potential detention because of his many legal woes to exorcising demons.

In the face of disappointing midterm results, Trump announced his 2024 White House bid. But the losses and change in sentiment toward Trump are raising questions that the former President can retain his position as the GOP’s leader.

Eric Owens, an attorney and conservative political expert, noted that Republican leadership had a possible motive to see him prosecuted.

Owen pointed out that Trump’s 2024 White House bid could be another “delay” tactic that would make him “avoid prosecution” but noted that the GOP’s own motives and “practical interest” was to oust him “because he is clearly dragging the party down with bad candidates.”