Russian Warships Headed This Way?!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Flexing its military muscle in the middle of its war with Ukraine, Russia is gearing up to send aircraft and combat warships to the Caribbean for military exercises in the upcoming weeks.

This marks its first air and sea exercises in the Western Hemisphere in five years, as revealed by a senior administration official.

However, the Biden administration does not see these maneuvers as a direct threat. The official remarked that the exercises serve primarily as a “messaging tactic” by Moscow, especially after Joe Biden authorized Ukraine to use U.S.-made weapons for cross-border defense against Russia.

According to the official, the United States anticipates increased naval and aerial activities by Russia in the vicinity, including probable port visits to Cuban and possibly Venezuelan harbors.

Both Caribbean countries are Russian allies that have hosted its naval ships over the past two decades. The exercises are expected to also feature “aircraft deployments” and regional flights.

Another U.S. official suggested that the fact that Cuba approved the Russian port call might be a response to the docking of a U.S. nuclear submarine at Guantanamo Bay last year, which displeased Cuba.

Although Russian ships have frequently navigated the Western Hemisphere annually from 2013 to 2020 and aircraft have occasionally breached the airspace of U.S. allies, the upcoming exercises would be the first combined air and sea operation since 2019.

“We expect that, as is predictable, the Russians will amp up the information space with this, both to make a point and to unsettle us,” the first official stated.

“We’re not particularly concerned. It’s something that they’ve done before. It’s messaging for the Russians,” the official added.

The official further explained, “This is about Russia showing they are still capable of some level of naval power projection. We should expect more of this activity going forward.”

The Biden administration was not formally informed by Moscow about these plans, but the movements can clearly be seen. U.S. administration officials have briefed Congress about the Russian deployments.

The U.S. Navy is closely monitoring these developments and will adjust its posture as needed to oversee the Russian activities during the exercises.

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