Secret Service Repeatedly Attacked by What?

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting that dangers also exist within the White House under Joe Biden, it has been revealed that his German shepherd has attacked U.S. Secret Service agents several times since he took office.

According to CNN, official documents disclosed that the dog, named Commander, has launched attacks on agents at least 24 times, which prompted a shift in their operational tactics to avoid further incidents.

Commander replaced Major, Biden’s previous dog who was also known for aggressive behavior at the White House.

CNN highlighted the dilemma facing many White House employees who label the issue a significant concern for workplace safety since they daily run the risk of coming across the aggressive dog.

The alarming rate of these incidents does not even account for several other situations involving housekeeping and various White House staff.

Among the 400 pages acquired by CNN, there were warnings from staff about their fear of the dog’s unpredictable aggression that could potentially lead to more serious incidents.

Inside sources stated that Biden was allegedly distressed and expressed sorrow over the ongoing situation despite how long these incidents have been occurring. Another voice from within said the Biden family was supposedly concerned for the well-being of White House personnel.

Some of the dog’s attacks have escalated to serious levels with the potential for grave consequences if not for immediate medical intervention.

Highlighting the dog’s aggressive nature the CNN report also found that Commander bit an agent in the Kennedy Garden as he was carrying out his duties. The document states that “East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area.”

Another incident in July 2023 was particularly remarkable, where a special agent stationed at Biden’s beach residence wrongly thought Commander was leashed in the backyard.

As recounted in the report Jill Biden was heard in the background during this episode as Commander charged to bite the agent on the forearm, which resulted in a deep wound and significant blood loss.

Confronted with these brutal attacks against staff Biden finally decided to give away the dog to some relatives.