Shocking Mount Rushmore Attack

Photo by Laura Nyhuis on Unsplash

During a podcast published late in May, a South Dakota House Representative made controversial claims that Mount Rushmore is a shrine for Freemasons and a gateway for demonic entities to spread communism across the United States.

In the May 31 episode of the “Now is the Time” podcast, Joe O’Donnell, a Republican in South Dakota’s House of Representatives, said that he had been told by the Lord that there is a direct ley line between Mount Rushmore and Washington, D.C.

O’Donnell claimed that understanding the “spiritual realm” begins by comprehending that the enemy requires “the agreement of human beings.”

He suggested that for the enemy to “do more damage,” people had to build altars “as a portal for other demonic things,” adding that what people were dealing with in the Mount Rushmore portal was communism.

The South Dakota Republican added that “those things that are happening in the Black Hills” had to do with communism.

Donnell’s comments on the podcast gained widespread attention after a clip was posted on Twitter by user @RightWingWatch. The video had received over 500,000 views as of Wednesday (June 27) afternoon.

In 2022, Donnell, who is also a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribe, was elected to the South Dakota House.
Native Americans believe the land where Mount Rushmore was built is sacred.

The podcast episode was part of a promotion for the “Open the Heavens: Let God Arise” event held in Rapid City. O’Donnell will attend the event as a guest speaker.

Meri Crouley, host of the “Now Is the Time” podcast, where O’Donnell made his remarks, is also the organizer of the “Open the Heavens” conference.

Crouley’s podcast discusses several topics relating to theories about the deep state, COVID-19 vaccines, and the legal battles of former President Donald Trump.