Small Businesses Slam Biden

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Why is Biden picking on the little guy?

Small businesses are in anguish at the impact record inflation and soaring gas prices are having on their businesses, as they still grapple with the crippling effect of the pandemic. Many have noted how inaction from the Biden administration is only exacerbating the problem.

Gas prices are at historic levels, so is inflation. The pandemic and subsequently the Russia-Ukraine conflict is ravishing Americans. While the impact on consumers is acknowledged, the impact on the small businesses that drive the economy is being overlooked, at least according to many small business owners.

According to a recent Fox News Digital report, many small businesses across the U.S. are struggling to keep their doors open, resorting to a demand that the Biden administration intervenes immediately.

Small businesses have described the administration’s policy as “shortsighted” and “out of touch.”

Ed Burns, the vice president of relationships for Burns Logistics, a freight delivery and logistics company in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, said the administration’s “shortsighted energy policy of importing our fuel is quickly turning into a disaster for companies and consumers alike.”

Burns referenced how the cost of fuel would hit the average American given fuel costs in trucking “is typically a pass-through cost to the consumer.”

He added that “Seventy percent of goods in America are moved by trucks,” which made the industry “the backbone of our economy” was in jeopardy because of the “government’s energy policy,” which he equated to “taking a baseball bat and smacking it into that backbone.”

Adam Rizzieri, the co-founder and chief marketing officer for Agency Partner Interactive, a tech and marketing company based in Texas, blasted the administration’s obsession with the Green New Deal as being “completely out of touch with reality.”

He acknowledged how COVID mandates and supply chain and job market crisis had dealt a crippling blow to small businesses now “being lectured by progressive elites that we should be happy to pay $15 a gallon.”

Rizzieri then addressed the greatest concern most critics have of the Biden administration’s green policies: the cost to the average consumer.

“The average cost of an electric vehicle is over $56,000, which is $30,000 more than your average compact car. The Biden administration and these Green New Deal initiatives are completely out of touch with reality.”

Energy seems to be of greatest concern to small businesses, with Michael Garabedian, owner of Garabedian Properties Custom Home Builder in Southlake Texas, expressing concern at the U.S. no longer being energy independent.

Garabedian mentioned how “Energy costs are a hidden tax” on the workforce who are “struggling to fill their tanks to get to job sites.”

He continued, saying he is “flummoxed on how just 18 months ago we were energy-independent but are no longer,” adding that “Domestic oil production is down by about 1.5 million barrels a day and this reduction predates the current European War.”