The Real Effects Of Defunding Police

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

Seneca Scott, a resident of West Oakland California, and founder of the nonprofit Neighbors Together Oakland recently spoke to Fox News about the increase in crime in his area. On Wednesday there had been two armed robberies, some armed assaults, a fatal hit and run, and a number of carjackings in his area.

Scott stated that Oakland was no longer a safe or livable area because of the policies followed by neo-progressives. He proceeded to argue that the movement to defund law enforcement had been a complete failure.

As he argued no one was able to leave their home and feel safe, and businesses were suffering the consequences of that. He added that these policies of defunding the police were part of the elite’s “luxury politics” as they were not required to live with the effects of their policies.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that there were close to 500 homicides in Oakland between 2018 and 2020. This would mean that the city is the most dangerous one in the Bay Area. In one single week in July, 6-12, there were 146 vehicle thefts, 94 assaults, 43 robberies and 50 burglaries.

Scott argued that Oakland did not have sufficient 911 dispatchers and that many people will often wait 20 minutes or more before they are able to get someone on the line. The dispatch system in the area has also failed twice since last Thursday. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services’ standards requires that at least 90 percent of 911 calls are answered in a maximum of 15 seconds.