Top Biden Official Caught LYING Under Oath

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been accused of lying or providing misleading or false information during his Congress hearings.

On Wednesday, Tom Homan, the Former acting ICE Director claimed on the “Faulkner Focus” that Mayorkas did not know the number of immigrants who were crossing the U.S. border every day and that he had been “lying” when providing the scope of this crisis.

Honan added that he did not reveal to Congress or the American people what actions he is taking and that lying under oath was a crime.

On Wednesday during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Mayorkas was forced to answer many of the tough questions asked by Republicans regarding his department’s attempts to deal with the border crisis.

Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., pointed out that he had been a member of Congress for 7 years and that Mayorkas had been the “most dishonest witness” to have ever appeared before the committee. He added that it is frustrating for constituents who want answers to many of these questions.

The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing is focused on the way in which the crisis at the border has been regulated and addressed, as it has now entered its third year. Republicans put a lot of the blame for the border crisis on Mayorkas and the Democrats whose policies they argue have opened up the U.S. border. In the 2021 fiscal year, there were 1.7 million migrant encounters, while in the 2022 fiscal year, that number had grown to 2.4 million.