Top Dem: ‘I Don’t See Any Hope’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Even the most seasoned Democratic strategist cannot “see any hope” in the upcoming presidential election, as James Carville said he had reservations about the Democratic Party sticking with Joe Biden as their nominee.

Speaking on “Anderson Cooper 360,” Carville criticized the choice to stand by Biden for the 2024 race against former President Donald Trump, calling it an “idiotic choice” for the party and the country.

Carville highlighted a significant statement from Senator Patty Murray as evidence of the growing concerns within the party about Biden’s candidacy.

“The fact that [Sen. Patty Murray] came out and said this speaks volumes as opposed to what people say in front of a camera,” he said. “So I still think I’ll stand by my thing that he won’t run, but if he does we’re just making a idiotic choice for the future of our country.”

“I can’t help but believe that. The proof’s in the pudding. They’re moving states away from us. We’re losing, we’re not winning. And when we lose, America loses. It’s that simple,” Carville explained.

Host Anderson Cooper asked further about Biden’s capabilities, especially after a debate performance that raised questions about his mental fitness.

Carville pointed out the challenges Biden faced, even at international events, “So you get through one teleprompter performance. What are you gonna do on Sept. 10 when there’s another debate scheduled?”

“What are you gonna do — he couldn’t meet with the German chancellor because he had to go to bed when he was at the NATO conference,” Carville remarked.

Carville argued that despite the risks of changing candidates, it was necessary for the party’s hope and vitality.

“I just think, you know, you’re right — is there a risk in trying to change directions? Of course there’s risk with everything. But with risk comes hope. And right now, we have always been a party of hope.”

Recent polls, including one from Emerson College, show Trump’s lead over Biden has doubled, suggesting growing support for the former president among voters.

This shift has prompted louder calls from Congressional Democrats for Biden to consider stepping down over concerns about the impact on their own races.

In response to the swirling doubts, Biden-Harris campaign co-chair Lisa Blunt Rochester told Cooper that the narrative around Biden’s effectiveness was mixed but claimed that voters still support the Democratic candidate.

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