Top Republican Issues Stern Warning To GOP

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

According to Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the GOP is underestimating President Joe Biden – a move that he explains is costing the Republican Party and needs to end.

Gingrich made his remarks in a blog post published on his website.
He explained that by Biden’s definition of success, which incorporates a “simple model” of winning and losing, the President is succeeding.

The post titled “Quit Underestimating President Biden” noted that “Like most Americans,” Gingrich doesn’t approve of the President’s job performance and “woke policies.”

But Gingrich pointed out that conservatives have been critical of Biden on their terms, blinding them from acknowledging how “effective” Biden has been on his own terms.

The former House Speaker noted that conservatives and Republicans have such a deep “dislike” for Biden that they were “pettily” focusing on his speech patterns, memory lapses, “sometimes strange behavior,” and personal flaws.

Gingrich explained this “aversion” to Biden causes the GOP and conservatives to “underestimate” Biden and the Democrats.

He then drew comparisons to Biden being underestimated and former Presidents like Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, who noted “preferred” being underestimated and being thought of as “pleasant” rather than “dangerous.”

Gingrich added that while people were laughing at Eisenhower and Reagan, each President was implementing their respective programs and achieving their respective goals, comparing Biden’s strategy to these two former Presidents.

Gingrich’s warning comes as Democrats fended off a predicted “red wave,” holding onto their Senate majority — with the possibility of improving it, and staved off a menacing majority in the House of Representatives.