Top Republican Says Biden’s Days Are Numbered

Image credit: Pixaby

Could he be right about Biden?

Former House Speaker and prominent Republican Newt Gingrich fully believes that President Biden will be out of the White House after 2024. Gingrich believes that Biden will only be a one-term president. Gingrich also predicted that he strongly believes the Republican party will win the the House in the 2022 midterm election and also win the 2024 presidential election.

According to Newsmax, Gingrich believes the Democrats are battling far too much with progressive policies and ideologies within its own party and that will resonate negatively with most normal Americans.

Gingrich told Fox News that Biden’s days in office are numbered and the Democrat party will bound to collapse in the near future.

He then admitted that Vice President Kamala Harris was right to predict that the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial election was going to be a sign of how the future will play out for politics. Gingrich believes however that GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin would win because Americans believe in those who offer “real solutions”.

They’re too far to the left,” Gingrich explained, “spending too much money, and they’re too alienated for the American people.”

They just don’t get it,” he stressed.