Top Republican Says Trump Will Destroy GOP

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Paul Ryan, the former Republican House Speaker, made some disparaging comments about former President Donald Trump becoming the GOP’s 2024 nominee, saying Republicans would lose if that’s the case.

In an appearance on Fox Business’s “Varney & Co” on Tuesday (October 25), Ryan told host Stuart Varney that Republicans had to target a new type of swing voter — a suburban voter — who isn’t too fond of Trump but likes the GOP.

“That new swing voter in American politics is the suburban voter, and it’s really clear the suburban voter doesn’t like Trump, but they like Republicans,” Ryan explained, adding, “So I think anybody not named Trump, I think is so much more likely to win the White House for us.”

Ryan also said Republicans wouldn’t nominate Trump as their Presidential candidate in 2024, saying the GOP will “want to win the White House so badly and beat the Democrats,” something they’re “much more likely to lose with Trump because of the fact that he is not popular with suburban voters.”

Trump’s potential 2024 bid has been a popular topic of conversation in political discussions despite the former President being yet to announce his bid.

But Ryan has long been at odds with Trump, alluding to their long-running feud during the interview when he said, “Everybody knows our feelings toward each other.”

However, Ryan qualified his statements, saying his prediction wasn’t based on his feelings toward Trump, explaining, “We won’t nominate Trump because we want to win.”

However, when asked if he was more of “a DeSantis guy,” Ryan evaded giving a direct answer, saying the GOP has “a great stable of candidates.”