Trump Accuses Democrats Of This

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Taking to Truth Social on Thursday (December 29), former President Donald Trump reproduced some of the remarks from his summer and spring speech “Nation in Decline.”

In his post, Trump described the airports as being “like those of third world countries,” adding that the country had “gone down so far, so fast,” describing it as “Very sad to watch.”

The remarks made by the former President mirrored the closing of a speech Trump made during campaign rallies. This part of the speech was often accompanied by sounds of lightning and thunder and some organ music.

During rally speeches, Trump would often close by calling out the country’s “once-revered airports are dirty and a crowded mess.”

That phrase was repeated in the Midterm campaign ads.

Trump relayed a common struggle many travelers were experiencing, including an hours-long wait before ultimately being notified that the plane they were waiting for wouldn’t be leaving and that the airline didn’t know when it would.

Trump also lamented the tripling of ticket prices, the lack of pilots to fly, and the lack of a desire to “seek qualified air-traffic controllers,” adding that airlines didn’t “know what they are doing.”

The former President also described the U.S. as having lost confidence, “willpower,” and “strength” before drawing parallels to his Presidency when “we were a great nation.”

Trump also claimed all of these issues stemmed from the “country [going] through the rigged and corrupt 2020 presidential election.”

He then queried if there would be consequences for the state the country found itself in following the 2020 Presidential election but claimed that wouldn’t happen because the U.S. was fast becoming “Strictly third world.”