Trump Drops Bombshell On Liberals

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

They are furious about this.

Addressing supporters at a rally in Mendon, Illinois, on Saturday (June 25), former President Donald Trump unabashedly criticized the damage President Joe Biden and Democrats have inflicted on the U.S.

Before cutting his rally short due to the weather, Trump revealed his thoughts on the current state of the country, saying, “It is no longer a great nation,” adding that although he “hate to say this,” the U.S. is “a nation in decline.”

In his hastened closing remarks, Trump lambasted Biden and Democrats’ rule since his exit from office, listing off several failures by his successor.

Trump highlighted the challenges the country is facing since he left office, saying the U.S. is battling “the highest inflation in over 40 years, and likewise has the highest energy costs in its history,” stressing that “we have never had anything like what’s happened with energy and energy costs.”

Honing in on energy, Trump highlighted that the U.S. “is no longer energy independent of energy dominant like it was just two years ago,” instead, “It’s a nation that is begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil.”

He also used his closing remarks to call out Biden’s dismal withdrawal from Afghanistan, stating, “It’s a nation that surrended in Afghanistan, leaving dead soldiers, American citizens, and $85 billion worth of the finest military equipment in the world behind.”

The former President ended his criticism of the Biden administration by calling out the Russia-Ukraine war, saying the U.S. is now a “nation that allowed Russia to devastate a country, Ukraine, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and it will only get worse.”

Trump also mentioned crime, education, economic collapse, international relations, and the total COVID-19-related deaths in 2021 compared to 2020.

Contrasting his presidency with Biden’s, remarking: “It would never have happened with me, and it didn’t happen with me.”