Trump Hits Jan 6 Panel Like Never Before

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday (December 18), former President Donald Trump called out lawmakers on the January 6 Select Committee, describing them as “Thugs and Scoundrels” in a Truth Social post.

Trump’s statements come a day before the Committee held its final public meeting on Monday.

As expected, the panel aimed its attention at the former President, pointing to his involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election as proof his actions led to the insurrection.

Preempting that his actions would be held under greater scrutiny on Monday, Trump took to Truth Social to call for unity among “Republicans and Patriots,” eluding to the January 6 Select Committee being a common enemy.

He asserted that the country was experiencing a “dark period” in its history but offered hope that “with darkness comes light.”

The panel’s final public hearing on Monday precedes the release of its report on Wednesday (December 21).

During its hearing on Monday, the panel concluded that Trump’s actions in relation to the January 6 insurrection made him unfit to hold future office.

The public hearing, which served as a way to lay out the case for the Department of Justice and the public simultaneously, asserted Trump should face criminal charges.

The charges the Committee honed in on include making false statements, defrauding the United States, obstructing an official proceeding, and assisting or aiding an insurrection.

Following the criminal referral the Committee made to the DOJ, Trump’s campaign released a statement describing the Committee’s actions as “a mockery of our democracy.”