Trump Judge Backstabs Him

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

The trial of former President Donald Trump has been scheduled for May 20, 2024, following accusations of keeping confidential files at his Florida property. The decision, made by Federal Judge Aileen Cannon, sets the scene in a region known for its Trump support, situated just north of the location where the supposed hoarding occurred.

While the DOJ’s Special Counsel, Jack Smith, pushed for the trial to commence in December 2023, Trump’s defense was in favor of a post-November 2024 election date. Trump faces charges related to the unauthorized possession of classified information post-presidency and purported efforts to hinder federal agents from recovering these materials from the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Throughout, Trump has maintained his innocence, asserting that the current administration is using federal institutions like the FBI and DOJ against him, affecting his potential 2024 presidential run, where he remains a leading figure within the Republican party.

Set in Fort Pierce, Florida, the trial’s location is in a county where Trump secured a slim majority in the 2020 election, which may influence the jury pool. In contrast, the alleged incident took place in Palm Beach County, where Trump’s support was less robust.

The defense expressed concerns over potential bias arising from election-related publicity if the trial were to occur before November. While Judge Cannon acknowledged these concerns, she deferred a detailed examination until later.

Furthermore, Cannon agreed with Trump’s defense on the case’s “complex” nature under federal guidelines, potentially extending its duration. This move is seen in the context of Trump’s apparent strategy to prolong his multiple ongoing legal battles, with some analysts speculating it might be a tactic to seek a self-pardon should he return to power.

Emphasizing the uniqueness of the situation, Cannon expressed openness to further discussions, especially on jury selection procedures. The pretrial phase is marked with numerous deadlines for various procedural tasks, with specific measures outlined for dealing with the extensive classified information involved.

A significant pretrial hearing is slated for December 11, where Trump’s attorneys will seek dismissal of the charges and request the removal of Smith from the proceedings.

In an interesting development, it was reported that a secure facility is being set up at an undisclosed location in southern Florida for Trump’s legal team to examine the classified documents in question. Given the high sensitivity of the materials, special intelligence couriers will be responsible for transporting the documents.

The prosecutors have indicated that the secure site was expected to be operational by the previous week, although its exact whereabouts remain confidential. It’s presumed that Judge Cannon has been briefed privately about the location by a federal security officer, as per the court filing.