Trump Opens a New Front (Video)

(Patriot.Buzz) – Ramping up his outstanding campaign efforts, former President Donald Trump made a huge entrance onto TikTok despite the platform’s uncertain future in the U.S. due to national security concerns.

Watch the video below.

“It’s my honor,” Trump declared in his inaugural TikTok video on the account “@realdonaldtrump,” which showcased him acknowledging supporters at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event. This initial post quickly received 1.5 million likes within just 10 hours.

Trump’s incursion into TikTok comes as his own social media company, Trump Media, faces financial struggles after Democrats succeeded in convicting him on 34 felony charges in his Manhattan hush money trial.

On the stock market, Trump Media, which operates Truth Social and trades under the DJT ticker, saw its value drop by over 5% at the close of the market on Friday, the day after the conviction. In after-hours trading on Thursday, the stock had plunged by about 15%.

Trump launched Truth Social in early 2022 as a “non-woke” alternative to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, from which he was banned. Trump holds a 65% stake in the now-public Trump Media.

Trump’s entry into TikTok came several months after Joe Biden, whose reelection campaign launched its TikTok presence in February.

By yesterday, Trump had already amassed over 2 million followers, significantly surpassing the Biden campaign’s nearly 340,000 followers.

“We refuse to cede any ground to Biden and the Democrats,” Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt stated to NBC News.

“We will get President Trump’s winning message to every voter possible. He has already gained significant ground with young voters and this is another way to reach them,” she added.

Although both candidates had previous reservations about TikTok’s implications for national security, they decided to engage with the platform.

In April, Biden enacted legislation that included measures to potentially force TikTok’s sale by Chinese parent company ByteDance to prevent a U.S. ban.

Similarly, Trump had previously attempted to ban the app during his presidency due to national security risks and restated these concerns in a March interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

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