Trump Rips NY AG

Donald Trump

(Patriot.Buzz) – After showcasing her partisan bias in court, former President Donald Trump slammed New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of enjoying the legal proceedings against him a little too much.

As reported by The Hill, Trump’s remarks came after James was seen grinning during court proceedings.

In a post on his social media platform, Trump ripped James, referring to her as “Racist A.G. Letitia James” and commented on her demeanor in court, saying she was “smirking all day long from her seat in court.”

Trump’s post went on to criticize the nature of the lawsuit, pointing out, “You have a (Trump Hating!) Attorney General who’s seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when not a single penny was lost by these banks, and that’s part of this (unconstitutional!) law.”

Trump further emphasized his perception of James’ attitude during the trial, stating, “You can see from the reaction of A.G. James, every morning from that seat, that she is enjoying this, enjoying it a bit too much.”

According to The Hill, Trump has been visibly irritated by James throughout the trial. Trump has previously accused James of targeting him due to political motivations rather than legal ones. This ongoing feud has been a significant backdrop to the legal proceedings.

In a notable development before the trial began, Judge Arthur Engoron had already found the Trump Organization and its executives liable for fraud. However, a New York appeals court has temporarily suspended the decision to revoke Trump’s business licenses pending the outcome of the former president’s case.

Trump also shared a message online suggesting that James and Engoron should be subjected to a citizens’ arrest. This action underscores the heightened tension and animosity surrounding the case.

Trump’s public statements and actions during the trial reflect his ongoing battle against biased legal challenges and the deeply personal nature of this legal conflict.