Trump Surges Ahead Of Biden

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Former President Donald Trump is still the preferred candidate in a hypothetical rematch between him and President Joe Biden in 2024, at least according to Iowa voters.

A new Emerson College poll released on Friday (October 7) shows that Trump leads Biden by 8 percentage points.

Forty-seven percent of participants said they would vote for Trump in 2024, but Biden only managed to receive 38 percent.

Yet, Trump’s 2024 ambitions are in jeopardy based on a slew of legal hurdles, the most recent of which is a DOJ investigation into his handling of classified documents.

However, when participants were questioned about whether the FBI’s Raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence, a pivotal moment in the DOJ investigation, would affect their support of Trump, 38 percent said no.

Thirty-four percent said the raid heightened their support for the President, while 28 percent indicated the raid made them less likely to vote for the former President.

When it comes to Biden, 56 percent of Iowa voters do not approve of his job performance, 34 percent approve of his performance, and a further 10 percent are neutral.

Iowa voters also list the economy (45 percent) as their most pressing concern, followed by threats to democracy (17 percent), abortion (12 percent) immigration (7 percent), and health care (7 percent).

Discussing the divide among Iowa candidates during this midterm, Emerson College Polling Executive Director Spencer Kimball said, “Voters who say the economy is their most important issue break for Republican [Sen. Chuck] Grassley [of Iowa] by 61 points and for Republican [incumbent Gov. Kim] Reynolds by 69 points.”

Kimball continued, “By contrast, those who say threats to democracy are their most important issue break for [Democratic Senate candidate Michael] Franken by 57 points and [Iowa gubernatorial Democratic candidate Deidre] DeJear by 50 points.”