Trump Wants To Give Americans Flying Cars?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald Trump released a campaign video on Friday (March 3) explaining his utopian ideas of America’s future, including “freedom cities” built using user-generated designs and flying cars.

In the campaign video, Trump paints a bleak image of America in its current state, comparing it to rosier times while he was in the Oval Office.

Then, to restore America’s “boldness,” he promises to implement radical ideas, which he describes under the term “quantum leap in the American standard of living.”

Trump reveals in the video that part of the plan will be to free up 0.5 percent — roughly 3.2 million acres — of federal land to create “freedom cities.”

The general public would be able to submit designs on how to develop these freedom cities, which Trump believes will be responsible for “reopen[ing] the American frontier” and “re-ignit[ing] American imagination” while giving “hardworking American families” and “young people… a new shot at homeownership.”

Trump’s “freedom cities” plan shares striking similarities with a plan by the Saudi Arabian government to build in the country’s west.

One such plan intends to build a car-free space of 110 miles long and 660 feet wide that would be entirely self-sustaining.

Trump also mentioned increasing investment in vertical takeoff and landing personal vehicles (eVTOL), a technology that would make flying cars a reality. The former President insists both the U.S. And China are working on the software but expressed that the U.S. Should take the lead.

Trump also shared his support for lowering the cost of living, and making housing and cars more affordable, before he discussed a “beautification” process to tear down “ugly buildings” across the U.S.