Trump’s New Nickname For Joe Biden

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

During a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday (April 27), former President Donald Trump declared that “crooked Joe Biden” is a “threat to democracy” and vowed to “crush” him at the ballot box in November 2024 and finish “unfinished business.”

As Trump greeted a crowd of nearly 2,000 and bragged about the more than 50 Granite State officials endorsing him, he responded to Biden’s pre-recorded reelection campaign announcement.

Trump began by bashing Biden, saying he was seeking “four more disastrous years in the White House.” But the former President, and front-runner in the GOP primary race, promised to “rescue America” from four more years of “disastrous” Democratic politics.

Trump, who leads his GOP competitors by 30 points, then revealed he was making a “major announcement.”

He insisted he was “retiring” the “crooked” moniker from Hillary Clinton and would be giving her a new name like “beautiful Hillary” or “Lovely Hillary,” but would be retiring the nickname “crooked” so that he could use it for Biden, introducing the name “crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump went on to joke that Clinton was “someplace celebrating” the retirement of the moniker he gave her in 2016, adding that there had never been anyone more crooked or dishonest in the history of American politics as Joe Biden, noting that “the press absolutely refuses to report it.”

Trump accused Biden of appearing to use a cheat sheet during a White House press briefing Wednesday (April 26) afternoon that included a reporter’s name and a pre-planned question.

Trump also referenced Biden’s reelection campaign announcement and his comments that “MAGA pose[s] a threat to democracy,” insisting that there wasn’t a threat.

Instead, Trump stressed that it is Biden who was a “threat to democracy because he is grossly incompetent.”