Trump’s Plan To Fix America’s Youth

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald Trump revealed his plans to save American education after claiming that “the radical left maniacs had taken over public schools.”

In a video Trump posted on Rumble, he elaborates on his plan to “restore power to American parents.”

He explains that first, “federal funding for any school or program pushing Critical Race Theory,” would be cut. Content that promotes “gender ideology or other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content” would also be on the chopping block.

He then explains that the next step in the process would include directing the Departments of Education and Justice “open civil rights investigations” into school districts engaging in race-based discrimination, including “discrimination against Asian Americans.”

Trump described the target of his plans as “Marxism,” calling it “hostile to Judeo-Christian teachings,” saying it resembled “an established new religion.”

He asserted that shouldn’t happen, saying that if elected, his administration would “aggressively pursue intentional violations to the [Constitutions] establishment clause and the free exercise clause.”

The former President continued that on the first day in the Oval Office, his administration would start to “find and remove the radical zealots and Marxists” he claimed had “infiltrated” the DOE.

He added that Biden had given “these lunatics unchecked power.”

Noting that this would end in his administration, revealing they would be “fired and escorted out of the building.”

Trump also explained he would be vetoing “the sinister effort to weaponize civics education.”

Before turning his attention to competitive sports, relaying that he would “keep men out of women’s sport” by creating “a new credentialing body that will be the gold standard to certify teachers.”