US Military Finishes Project

(Patriot.Buzz) – In the middle of the ongoing war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas, the U.S. military has completed setting up a floating pier off Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

This installation is expected to make it easier to deliver crucial supplies to Gaza’s struggling population within the next 24-48 hours, according to military officials.

This strategic move follows Joe Biden’s directive two months ago to shift the pier system from the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Adverse weather conditions initially delayed the pier’s attachment to Gaza’s shoreline since they posed significant challenges to the operation.

U.S. defense officials highlighted the operation’s logistics by noting that the temporary pier was moved from Ashdod to a position near Gaza.

This change aims to improve the dire food shortages and other crises affecting Gaza’s population due to Israeli restrictions on aid.

The United Nations has been tasked with receiving and coordinating the distribution of the aid but the specific agency involved has not been disclosed.

American officials have said they remain concerned about the potential for chaos if the local populace overwhelms the delivery spots in search of food and supplies.

The U.S. military has clarified that while its troops facilitated the pier’s installation, they will not be entering Gaza and would take a cautious stance given the proximity to active conflict zones.

The operation’s security will be closely monitored, with contingency plans to temporarily shut down the maritime aid route if the situation escalates.

In Gaza, the humanitarian situation remains grim, with the Rafah crossing to Egypt now closed for over a week after Israeli forces seized it.

The nearby Kerem Shalom crossing remains operational but ongoing hostilities and logistical hurdles have severely restricted aid flow.

This humanitarian effort unfolds against a backdrop of strained diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel, particularly concerning the management of the Rafah crossing post-conflict.

Egypt has rejected an Israeli proposal to jointly manage the crossing by insisting that it should remain under Palestinian control.

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